About Our Sugar House

Welcome to Stuart and John's Sugar House!

The first Stuart & John's Sugar House was built in the fall of 1974, when Stuart Adams and John Matthews decided to buy their own oil-fired evaporator and set up show. At the time, Stuart was in the eighth grade, and John was in the tenth grade, and they had been best friends for years growing up in Westmoreland, NH. Stuart's family owned and operated Windyhurst Farm, where John came to work, and the boys became lifelong friends, so it was only natural that they would work together at Stuart and John's Sugar House. They started with 920 taps, and made 230 gallons of Pure New Hampshire Maple Syrup that became well known for their quality. Several changes to the operation have been made since those early days. We changed to a wood-fired evaporator for years before once again returning to oil. We purchased a reverse osmosis machine in 1986 to take out the majority of water (approximately 75% under high pressure). We now have approximately 10,000 taps, and produce 2,500 gallons of syrup each year. Stuart's father Roger cans all our syrup and his mother Ellie does all of the shipping, along with running the restaurant. We are always upgrading equipment to save time and money, to make Stuart and John's more efficient without sacrificing our product.


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