About Our Sugar House

About the Restaurant

In 1975, Stuart's parents, Roger and Ellie Aadmas, decided to open a restaurant featuring pancakes and homemade donuts to showcase Stuart and John's maple syrup. The restaurant is run as a seasonal business, open weekends only in the fall in time for foliage and in February--April during the gathering and boiling of sap. Over the years, there have been many improvements to the sugar house. The kitchen has been enlarged, and we now seat 100 people. The menu has been expanded to include ultimate waffles, French toast, and delicious sausage and bacon. We still feature Roger's homemade donuts and Ellie's homemade maple frosting--what a treat! The restaurant is now open daily during the summer months as an ice cream parlor, featuring hot maple sundaes, homemade hot fudge brownie delights with Ellie's homemade hot fudge sauce. Stuart & John's also runs a retail business year round, where you can pick up pure NH maple syrup, or call to order, and Ellie will ship nationwide. When we say family business, we mean three generations are working at Stuart and John's Sugar House now, as well as friends and neighbors.


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